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What is the best way to celebrate London Fashion Week in 2024

What is the best way to celebrate London Fashion Week in 2024
January 5, 2024


After the successful completion of the New York Fashion Week from 7th to 12th September 2023, London Fashion Week was the second most popular event held in September 2023. The event was held from 15th to 19th September 2023 at 180 The Strand Building, London. These 5 days were full of parties, celebrations and surprises. 

In London Fashion Week 2024 Spring, approximately 132 brands presented their spring collections. Along with that, 37 digital presentations were made to enlighten the importance of sustainable fashion. 

A Sneak Peek Into The Runway

LFW 2024 started with a British brand, Stefan Cooke, followed by Natasha Zinko and Edward. Interestingly, an Indian menswear designer, Harris Reed, also presented his inaugural runway at the Giant Fashion Week. Florence Pugh entered the runway to open Heeris Reed’s theatrical Fall 2023 show.

The runway was enlightened with the Sophomore collection of Daniel Lee, Creative Director of Burberry. The Sophomore collection is a blend of Futurism and Heritage. 

Street Style: The Art of Self-Expression

Street Style Fashion is initiated from the streets, not from the studios. It is all about your likes, dislikes, personality, trends, and self-expression. This is the fashion which directly links with your culture. This fashion can be noticed in urban centers, where people prefer to dress according to their heritage and culture.

Street Style Fashion is the way for self-expression. People wear clothes according to their comfort and likes, which has become a trending fashion. This not only provides someone comfort but also reflects confidence and knowledge. Street Style Fashion allows people to break the boundaries, change the trends, and express their feelings. That’s why we call it an art of self-expression.

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The Designers Who Stole The Show

London Fashion Week always provides opportunities for newcomers to show their innovations. In London Fashion Week 2024, the designers making their debut stole the show with their unquestionable collection. The two newcomers, Mains’s Line and Harris Reed, are the designers who stole the show at LFW 2024.

An American-British actress, Sienna Miller, also stole the show with her red-carpet walk at the Vogue World Show of LFW 2024. 

Sustainable Fashion: A Rising Trend

London Fashion Week Spring 2024 was the main attraction for the participants and the visitors due to its commitment to sustainability. The designers presented their spring collection with a primary focus on eco-friendly raw materials and production processes. 

Sustainable fashion is a rising trend because it’s the solution to the current environmental and social issues caused by fast fashion today. Sustainable fashion focuses on the complete lifespan of clothing and tries to reduce the harmful effects on the environment and society.

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The Star-Studded Front Row

At the London Fashion Week Spring 2024, the front row was occupied by famous stars and actors. In these 5 days, there were world-renowned names at the front row in the JW Anderson event.

Mia Khalifa, along with Yasmin Finney and Charlie XCX, were seen in the front row, enjoying the latest collection of the World’s most famous designers.

The Impact of Technology

Technology has a significant impact on everything around us. The fashion industry has also experienced fabulous growth with the use of technology and by promoting sustainable fashion. We rely on animals for leather and continuously disturb the ecosystem by killing animals. But now things have changed with the lab-grown leather and silk.

Social Media and the digital presence of the Fashion Industry also give a boost and promote the industry. This technology was broadly adopted during Covid-19.

Amidst technological advancements and sustainable fashion trends, if you find yourself exploring vibrant city life, consider comfortable accommodations like Hotel Edward Paddington in London. A well-located hotel can enhance your overall experience, providing a convenient and cozy place to stay during your travels.


London Fashion Week Spring 2024 provided a platform for all the new and old designers to show their collections to the public. Most of them followed sustainable fashion trends to enhance environmentally friendly options worldwide. World-renowned stars and celebrities hold the front rows and make the event glossy. 

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