The Emirates FA Cup Final 2024: Wembley Stadium London -
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The Emirates FA Cup Final 2024: Wembley Stadium London

The Emirates FA Cup Final 2024: Wembley Stadium London
January 19, 2024

The Football Association Cup also known as the FA Cup of English football was inaugurated in the 1871–72 season. It is the world’s oldest national football competition which is organized by The Football Association. It was renamed The Emirates Football Association Cup in 2015. 

Open to clubs from level 9 to the professional ranks, the tournament had a record 763 participants in the 2011–12 edition. It has 12 rounds, followed by the semi-finals and final. Non-league clubs often become Cinderella stories as they battle through the Qualifying Competition. 

Winners claim the prestigious FA Cup trophy. Arsenal holds a record fourteen titles while Manchester City, the 2023 champions, won over Manchester United in the final.


Established in 1863, the Football Association (FA) introduced the FA Cup in 1871. The first tournament was won by Wanderers in 1872. Due to Wartime interruptions, there was a delayed centenary celebration in 1980–81. Replay rules were made and multiple replays ended in 1991–92. 

The host stadium, Wembley went under redevelopment and moved finals to Cardiff from 2001–2006. The semi-finals returned to Wembley in 2008.

Venue Spotlight: Where the Action is Going to Happen

The stage for this epic finale is none other than Wembley Stadium which is known as the cathedral of football and has a storied history dating back to 1923. It is an absolute favorite of the fans which has a soaring 90,000 capacity. 

Wembley’s iconic arches have seen legendary moments and historic victories. As the chosen venue for the Football Association Cup Final 2024, Wembley’s importance is not just its architectural brilliance but also its evolution as a football heritage over the world.

However, if you intend to attend the Football Association (FA) Cup Final 2024 then consider accommodation in Paddington an area filled with life. There are many 3-star hotels in Paddington, London that are very comfortable and convenient. The convenience of these hotels close to Wembley Stadium will allow you not only to enjoin the pre-match revelry, halftime shows and electric atmosphere but also provide comfortable accommodation. 

There are special arrangements for the finals that include pre-match festivities, halftime shows, and an electric atmosphere that only Wembley can provide. The stadium’s aura amplifies the thrill of the game where it turns the final into an experience that is unforgettable for both players and spectators alike.

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A knockout competition involving 124 teams.

Participant Breakdown:

  • 92 teams from the Football League system.
  • Premier League: 20 teams.
  • EFL Championship, League One, and League Two: 72 teams.
  • 32 teams from the National League System survived from the initial 640 entrants in the qualifying rounds.

Draw and Structure:

  • All rounds are drawn randomly.

Occurs either after the completion of the previous round (excluding replays) or on the evening of the last televised game.

  • Television broadcasting rights influence the draw schedule.

The FA Cup’s dynamic structure pits teams from various tiers against each other in a quest for the prestigious Wembley final.

For those eager to witness history at Wembley, the Hotel Edward Paddington London is your best bid for a comfortable stay. It is conveniently located which provides fans with the best experience without compromising on affordability. 

As excitement is building for the final,  make sure you secure your accommodation for a seamless experience. Book your stay now and be part of the historic celebration unfolding at Wembley Stadium.


The journey of the 2023-24 FA Cup started on August 4, 2023, with the initiation of the qualifying rounds. The first-round proper matches began on November 4.

Teams from the Premier League and Championship would join the competition in the third round.

These highly anticipated matches are scheduled for the weekend of January 6, 2024.

The 2023-24 FA Cup final will be the culmination of the season’s thrilling football saga. It is scheduled for May 25, 2024.

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