The Regent's Park Outdoor Theatre

The Regent’s Park Outdoor Theatre

The Regent's Park Outdoor Theatre

Relaxing outdoors in a lovely woodland setting can be a perfect way to end a busy day in London, especially if you can watch a play as well!  At Regent’s Park Outdoor Theatre this is exactly what you can do every night during the summer.

It has become an extremely popular venue. Over 140,000 people visit the Regent’s Park Outdoor Theatre every year.  The theatre is one of the largest in London, and almost every seat is filled throughout the season. Booking in advance is recommended.  Stay at Hotel Edward Paddington London as it is only 1.2 miles away from the Regents Park.

The Regent’s Park Outdoor Theatre has become something of the cultural icon within London.  People have been coming here to enjoy a theatrical production for over 80 years. The very first production on this site was held in 1932, and even the onset of the Second World War did not disrupt Londoner’s enjoyment of outdoor theatre. Productions carried on regardless throughout the war years.  

Not only is it a popular venue, but one which attracts the highest standard of acting and productions.  Many top artists have started their careers on this stage including the legendary Ralph Fiennes who has won many Academy awards. Other top names that have appeared here include Dame Judi Dench, Felicity Kendal, Zoe Wannamaker and Jeremy Irons. You can find numerous budget hotels near Paddington Station UK for a memorable stay and visit the top-notch events in London.

The Regent’s Park Outdoor Theatre has an eighteen week season.  This year, the productions include a version of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a visit to Neverland and the Lost Boys in Peter Pan and Henry James’s classic ghost story – The Turn of the Screw.  The Little Shop of Horrors rock musical and Dinosaur Live complete the 2018 line up.

What makes this venue so much fun is the very atmospheric location of the theatre.  The Ancient Greek style auditorium is surrounded by trees and in the distance, you can hear the sounds of animals in London Zoo settling down for the night.  To complete the experience, you can enjoy bring a picnic and enjoy relaxing meal in the open air, before sitting back and enjoying a top class theatrical performance.


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