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From Shrek to the London Dungeon – theme parks are fun

London Theme Parks

From Shrek to the London Dungeon – London has some superb theme parks to discover to suit everyone’s taste.

Shrek is a good starting point as it is close to Westminister Bridge. After visiting the Houses of Parliament and Westminister Abbey, stroll across the Westminster Bridge and enjoy the fantastic riverside views by booking your room at hotels near Paddington, London.  Only a few minutes across the bridge is Shreks Adventure where children can encounter characters like Shrek and Donkey complete with a magical 4D flying bus.  A series of 10 interactive live adventure shows brings the world of Far Far Away to life.  While for adults only, there are special evening shows peppered with adult humour, plus some free drinks in the Poison Apple Pub.

Close by is the London Dungeon which offers a much more spooky adventure.  Explore 1,000 years of macabre history interspersed with special effects and interactive rides.  Watch Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and discover the stories of characters like Sweeney Todd, the infamous barber of Fleet Street.

Head over to London Bridge for yet more terrifying tales.  Very few people emerge from the darkness of the Tombs without some screams.  This is where you meet the really gruesome parts of London’s history.  Find out about Jack the Ripper and his murderous activities in East London, meet the Keeper of Heads on London Bridge.  Walk through the plague ridden streets of medieval London, and hear the roar of flames as the Great Fire sweeps through the city – and then enter the Tombs with their creepy shadows.

Younger children will love a visit to Legoland, at Windsor about 30 minutes away by train. Favourite Lego characters and Lego worlds such as the Land of the Vikings, Duplo Valley, Adventure Land and Pirate Shores come to life.  Stroll around the various attractions, enjoy the rides and be amazed by the stunning creations made out of Lego bricks.

Another great place for families with young children is Chessington World of Adventures.  Situated about 12 miles south of central London at Kingston upon Thames, it can be easily reached by public transport while staying at Edward Hotel London.  Whatever your interest, you will find something to enjoy here from screaming terror on roller coasters and water rides, to relaxing strolls around a pretty zoo admiring the animals.  Chessington has over 40 rides, a SEA Life Centre as well as a zoo and theme park.

And don’t forget one of the most memorable of all theme park attractions – Harry Potter.  You will need to take the tube or train northwards to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tours.  Advance booking is essential as there is timed entrance and spaces are limited.  Relax here in the magical world of Harry Potter, of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley.  Stroll through the Forbidden Forest, see Hogwarts classrooms, the Hogwarts Express, the Knight Bus and much more. Take a trip on a broomstick and discover the world of green screen technology, admire the thousands of props and the beautiful intricate scale model of Hogwarts itself.


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