Greenwich festival

Enjoy puppets, fire sculptures, music and more at Greenwich festival

Greenwich festival

Discover spectacular puppets, fire sculptures, performance art and much, much more in one of London’s most spectacular free festivals. This is the annual Greenwich & Docklands festival and it is definitely one of the most fun.

Whatever your interest you are likely to find it here. It’s dramatic, stunning and exciting. The festival takes place between June 21 and July 7, in a variety of locations across Greenwich and the Docklands area. It is an area which is easy to reach wherever you happen to be in London, as it takes less than half an hour to reach these venues by train and underground services. Visit this festival by having a resident at Hotel Edward Paddington as it has close proximity to this event. So you can enjoy the performances and events happening in this festival to the fullest.

Guaranteed to capture immediate attention is the enchanting La Parade Amoureuse involving a large herd of illuminated deer strolling down the evening streets. Alternatively, head for the Cutty Sark’s Unusual Herd as these will certainly make you laugh. Accompanied by an annoyed shepherd, the Unusual Herd clank their way around trying to find the best place to graze. These are no ordinary animals, as they have been made out of rusty metal salvaged from scrap yards.

Elsewhere, a tightrope walker makes her way high above the rooftops of the Old Greenwich Naval College, and fire sculptures burn brightly through the night. An entertaining dual is due to take part between an acrobat and a rotating, constantly moving robotic pole – his task is made harder because he is high in the air! It will be a long way to fall if he makes a mistake

The Festival’s opening event is also one of the most moving. It is designed to remember the countless messenger pigeons who were the unsung heroes of the First World War, carrying messages across the battlefields and over the sea to England. American performance art specialist Duke Riley has been commissioned to create a special version of his epic Fly By Night to the UK. It will involve 1500 trained pigeons, each of which has tiny LED lights attached to their leg bands, twirling, swirling through the air.

There is plenty of audience participation too throughout the festival. Warrior Queen Boudicca roams the streets, and visitors can try out all manner of interactive street games with Xics del Xurrac.

If you have time to spare, then the wonderful shops of Greenwich are great for unusual souvenirs. You can also relax with a picnic in Greenwich Park, or step over time at the Greenwich Meridian. You can look for a comfortable stay by searching near Cheap Hotels Paddington and make a visit to the Beautiful spots of Greenwich.


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