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  • Shrove Tuesday

    Shrove Tuesday

    One of the strangest types of race takes place on the London streets this February.  It marks the celebration of one of the oldest festivals in the country – Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day. Shrove Tuesday is always held exactly 47 days before Easter.  The actual date changes every y

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  • Fantastical Light Displays

    Fantastical Light Displays

    The nights may be dark and long, but London blazes with light this January as thousands upon thousands of people roam the streets in search of stunning, incredible, fantastical art. London’s Lumiere 2018 is set to be even bigger, better and livelier than its predecessor two years ago. That firs

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  • Anyone for Gin?

    Anyone for Gin?

    Gin has become one of the most fashionable alcoholic drinks among Londoners.  Increasing numbers of specialist gin companies are emerging, and visiting one of London’s Gin Palaces can be quite an experience.  Apart from enjoying a drink amid very pleasant surroundings, you can often distil you

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    Mithraeum – The Temple of a Roman Mystery Cult

    Mithraeum – The Temple of a Roman Mystery Cult

    Tucked away in a side street close to the Bank of England in the City of London is The Mithraeum, an attraction which is well worth a visit by anyone who wants to know more about London’s history.   The Square Mile whichencompasses the City of London is the historic heart of the city and it wa

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  • London Christmas Markets

    London Christmas Markets

    London’s Christmas markets are well worth visiting and not just for buying some special gifts.  A wide range of entertainment is also provided, and you can easily spend several hours at these fascinating places. So where to go?  There are Christmas markets taking place all over London includi

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  • From Shrek to the London Dungeon – theme parks are fun

    From Shrek to the London Dungeon – theme parks are fun

    From Shrek to the London Dungeon – London has some superb theme parks to discover to suit everyone’s taste. Shrek is a good starting point as it is close to Westminister Bridge. After visiting the Houses of Parliament and Westminister Abbey, stroll across the Westminster Bridge and enjoy the

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  • Bargain hunting at London’s January Sales

    Bargain hunting at London’s January Sales

    Want some fashion or jewellery bargains to take home as reminders of your visit to London?  Then take a close look at London’s January Sales.  This is when most stores throughout the city will be offering massive discounts on their wares – sometimes up to 50 or 60% on normal prices.  These

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  • Visiting London’s Royal Palaces

    Visiting London’s Royal Palaces

    Buckingham Palace is the first royal palace that comes to mind in London – but there are others. Head eastwards to discover the oldest royal palace still in existence – the Tower of London where construction began over a thousand years ago.  During the sixteenth century, the Tower of London

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  • Travel by London Bus

    Travel by London Bus

    Getting around London by bus is one of the best ways of exploring the city.  The upper deck of a London bus offers some great photo opportunities of the buildings and scenes that make up this fascinating city. London Transport bus routes span the entire city. There are even night bus routes.  T

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