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Art at the Tate

Art at the Tate

Love art? Then head for the Tate Gallery to explore some of the most stunning British masterpieces since 1500AD. Whatever your art interest, you will be able to find artwork that appeals to you.

The Tate has an incredible eclectic collection of masterpieces within its permanent collection. You can find works by Arthur Rackham, Walid Raad, J.S.Laing, Turner, Epstein and Chris Ofili to name but a few of the many artists.  It also has a changing timetable of exhibitions which can include many famous international names such as Pablo Picasso and Modigliani.  

The Gallery is split across two venues. Tate Modern is based at Bankside on the south side of the River Thames, opposite St Paul’s Cathedral. It occupies an iconic building which was originally used as a power station.  Now the massive turbine hall and linked rooms are used to display a wide range of art works. It is easily visited from Edward Hotel Paddington.

If you have a head for heights, it is worth climbing to the tenth floor (or taking the lift) where there is a special 360° viewing area offering fantastic birds eye views across London. The views of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye are particularly stunning. If you prefer to dine while enjoying the views, then head for the ninth floor where gourmet cuisine is on available at the Tate restaurant.   

Head down to the Tate Pier and catch the Tate Boat over to Tate Britain, a short way down the River Thames passing iconic buildings such as the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and offering brilliant photographic opportunities.  

Tate Britain is the original home of the Tate Gallery. It was here in this classically designed building that the public first viewed some of the thousands of works of art owned by the Tate in 1897.  If you admire the work of Joseph Mallard William Turner, this is definitely the place to come.  Tate Britain is houses the incredible Turner Bequest, the biggest collection of Turner’s works in the world.  Many of these are on permanent display within the Clore Gallery at Tate Britain.  There are many scenes of nineteenth century London as well as spectacular paintings like The Shipwreck, Hannibal Crossing the Alps and Snowstorm.  Turner’s work revolutionized painting styles, and paved the way for the modern masters like the Impressionists.

It also plays host to a changing programme of major exhibitions such as Rachel Whiteread’s internationally acclaimed Sculpture and The Ey Exhibition – artists who fled to Britain to escape war in France. Tate Guides frequently provide guided tours of different aspects of the Gallery such as sculpture in British Art, Archive gallery tours, and the Growth of British Art all of which are free of charge.  Book your stay at Edward Hotel London and experience the art at Tate.


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