Anyone for gin

Anyone for Gin?

Gin has become one of the most fashionable alcoholic drinks among Londoners.  Increasing numbers of specialist gin companies are emerging, and visiting one of London’s Gin Palaces can be quite an experience.  Apart from enjoying a drink amid very pleasant surroundings, you can often distil your own brew.

We highlight some of the best places to drink gin in London.

Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour, Covent Garden.

The journey starts in a very atmospheric pub in Covent Garden.  It looks nothing special when seen from the street, but inside there are surprises to be had.  Just climb the stairs to the top bar and enter the ‘gin palace of the eccentric British adventurer’ known as Phileas Fogg. There is Victorian style wallpaper, elaborately draped curtains and austere portraits hanging on the walls. The bar is definitely unusual due to the sheer number of tiny drawers just waiting to be opened by curious drinkers. Choosing a drink is not easy as there are over 300 gins to on offer.  If you want something to eat, then try some of the Victorian delicacies on offer. Want to find out more about gin?  Then book a session in Aunt Gertrude’s Gin Parlour for a tutored tasting where the mysteries of gin production will be explained.  When it comes to accommodation Edward Hotel Paddington is well connected to famous Gin Parlours. 

Whistling Shop, Shoreditch

Next, head over to the East End for a visit to the Whistling Shop in Worship Street for an unforgettable experience.  This unusually named pub really takes you back in time with its Victorian/Steampunk atmosphere.  Step inside and forget about bright lights, and electricity.  Instead, the dark, subdued interior is lit by atmospheric indoor street lamps.  Plot a journey around the world as you decide which gin to try next and try some traditional British food.

C.O.L.D Blackfriars

Perhaps you prefer something a little newer? American Speakeasy style can be found at the City of London Distillery.  This is where you can even distill your own personal version. Book a gin experience and learn how to distill gin.  Have a tour of the distillery and find out all the secrets of gin making.  But above all, settle back on the comfortable seats and enjoy a gin or two. The hardest part is choosing from the 180 gins on offer.  

214 Bermondsey

End your gin tour by strolling over London Bridge and visiting the Gin Bar situated just under the Antico restaurant. Book your stay at Hotels Near Paddington London and test out your skills at identifying gins by trying a blind gin flight of three different Gin and Tonics.  G&T’s are taken very seriously here, as they actually make their own tonic water using specially imported quinine.  



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