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    Fantastical Light Displays

    Fantastical Light Displays

    The nights may be dark and long, but London blazes with light this January as thousands upon thousands of people roam the streets in search of stunning, incredible, fantastical art. London’s Lumiere 2018 is set to be even bigger, better and livelier than its predecessor two years ago. That firs

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  • Anyone for Gin?

    Anyone for Gin?

    Gin has become one of the most fashionable alcoholic drinks among Londoners.  Increasing numbers of specialist gin companies are emerging, and visiting one of London’s Gin Palaces can be quite an experience.  Apart from enjoying a drink amid very pleasant surroundings, you can often distil you

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  • Art at the Tate

    Art at the Tate

    Love art? Then head for the Tate Gallery to explore some of the most stunning British masterpieces since 1500AD. Whatever your art interest, you will be able to find artwork that appeals to you. The Tate has an incredible eclectic collection of masterpieces within its permanent collection. You ca

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  • London Christmas Markets

    London Christmas Markets

    London’s Christmas markets are well worth visiting and not just for buying some special gifts.  A wide range of entertainment is also provided, and you can easily spend several hours at these fascinating places. So where to go?  There are Christmas markets taking place all over London includi

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  • From Shrek to the London Dungeon – theme parks are fun

    From Shrek to the London Dungeon – theme parks are fun

    From Shrek to the London Dungeon – London has some superb theme parks to discover to suit everyone’s taste. Shrek is a good starting point as it is close to Westminister Bridge. After visiting the Houses of Parliament and Westminister Abbey, stroll across the Westminster Bridge and enjoy the

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  • Notting Hill Carnival

    Notting Hill Carnival

    Head for Notting Hill this August Bank Holiday and enjoy one of the biggest free carnival shows in the country.  It is not only big, but colourful, lively and full of music. Notting Hill Carnival has become a feature in the London social calendar.  Thousands of people descend on the Notting Hil

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